Thursday, October 29, 2009

Task Management

It's that time again - when I shirk the little voice in the back of my head that tells me how self-indulgent and undeniably ego-centric it is to pretend that my thoughts merit the attention of the public at large (or in my case, at very small) and write a new blog post.

Today's topic: Independent music scene aficionados.

What is it about white people and music that makes us think that just because other people enjoy a particular musician or artist that they are somehow beneath us, even if we really would or did enjoy them otherwise? I have dealt with this feeling myself. We all have that band, singer or glockenspiel player that we sort of view as our "pet" musician. We love to tell our friends about the little details of their lives and how great they are and ultimately, the coup de gras is to utter some semblance of the phrase, "no one's really heard of them yet." At that exact moment, little silent fireworks are released into the brain, a personal victory march for our own awesomeness at knowing of a hidden talent that is not appreciated by those who do not actively work to find new music.

Once they become popular one of two things happens. Either you act disinterested in them because, "Yeah, I was listening to that stuff like, a year and a half ago. I'm kind of over it," when in reality you just bought and enjoy the heck out of their "sell-out" major-label debut - OR - you have sworn off even listening to their major-label debut because they are so beneath you that you don't, you CAN'T even care. They can no longer deliver the fireworks.

And so I ask, dear scene-kid music "lover," is it the music you love or is it the scene? If it truly is the music then stand by your band. Rock out to that top 10 single - yes, even rock out next to that redneck guy in the bar who doesn't even know what he's listening to but still bobs his head in-between sips of the blue ribbon. You know why he bobs his head? Because the music is good. Be an equal opportunity appreciator.


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  2. Definitely the music. My "pet" musician was perhaps Owl City. And now that he's huge, I couldn't be happier for him. He's on a major label, doing sold out tours, and is number 8 on the Billboard charts. And I couldn't be happier for him!