Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My Calculator
Uses Calculator tape
It runs out often

This has been Nathan Presents: Haiku from the Office #001

Sometimes it really strikes me that the MythBusters have really run out of Myths to bust. This evening one of the myths was whether or not it was literally possible to knock someone out of their socks and them survive the force of the hit. They tested it, as always, with two lame experiments before (predictably) pulling out 500 lbs of explosives to blow the dummy legs up. Turns out your socks will not be knocked off and you still live to tell the tale.
I'm not even a scientist, or nearly a scientist for that matter, and I still find fault in some of their techniques. They are flawed experiments with too many variables unaccounted for to really say definitively one way or the other.

Having said that, I still watched for an hour to see the legs blown up. Score: 1-Discovery Channel, 0-Nathan.

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  1. My latest experience with haiku before reading this: A friend of mine was given a haiku written for them that actually used the word "haiku" in it. Said friend had forgotten about this style of poetry and proceeded to ask me if haiku was a restaurant.
    I almost got in trouble for busting out laughing in a quiet place at school.