Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Nothing too epic to report today, only another embarrassing bathroom experience.

(Yeah, you know it's a good post when it starts off like that)

So I go into the bathroom at lunch today and I could swear there was no one else in there when I went into the stall, certainly not a portly gentleman with white hair. At some point, I decide it is the perfect time to sing a couple of bars from 2pac's hit song, "Changes" in a high-pitched girly voice. I'm alone in the bathroom, right? Why not? And who do you think I run into the moment I exit the stall? Yes. It was a portly gentleman with white hair. How did he get there!? That isn't the type of thing you just casually overlook; I would have had to squeeze by him to get into the stall in the first place.

This just proves a long spoken truth: finance people are sneaky. Dangerously sneaky.

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