Monday, September 7, 2009

Don't You Tell Me What I Cannot Do. Can Not Do.

This is a brief one: 
THINGS I MISS ABOUT COLLEGE - 1 year and 4 months out

1. Learning. I know, cheesy - but I liked learning especially if it was a class I took out of legitimate interest. 
2. My Freshman and Sophomore Years. They were the best. 
3. Gratuitous amounts of unhealthy food and 0% fatty guilt. 
4. Brett Roach standing in a chair with a banana in his hand when I got back to our dorm room. 
5. The people I would talk to in the common room in Schwartz, (my dorm) most of whom I have forgotten the names of. 
6. UNCW's Campus, in it's former state of beauty. 
7. Sharing a meal with close friends in Wag.
8. Hanging out after CCF (aCRe)
9. Hosting a radio show with Devin. (A very ill-fated podcast)
10. Not caring that I didn't know what to do when I graduated.
11. Learning to play guitar.
12. Learning the meaning of growth in hard times. 
13. Yes, even Bryan's earliest attempts at learning keyboard. 
14. Being generally happy and mostly idealistic.

Things I don't miss about college:
1. Skateboarders. Dirty, stinking skateboarders.

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  1. Oh bless those early attempts at keyboarding. I felt so young back then. I've now graduated to synths, Midi controllers, and doubling up on keyboards. I've even acustomed myself to learning songs in an hour when Glen doesn't come up with a song list(or in the case of tonight, when Glen asks me the night before to come up with a song list).

    And now, I shall plug in my legitament request. Blue-sy Christmas.