Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grand Pinano

I have found them. The world's most gifted wordsmiths have all gathered at the same place on the internet. They don't write novels or memoirs, no no. They are talented chiefly in their unprecedented gift of description. I have seen no greater example of never ending and creative adjectives than I did on this website. It isn't a travel site or a dirty girly site. These descriptions come from none other than a beer connoisseur site.

Who knew there were such dramatic and meaningful terms to describe the qualities of a glass of the brewski? I sure didn't, but if you don't believe me here are some excerpts.

The taste is surprisingly balanced. Ooh, look, here's the malt! This isn't a tooth disintegrating, cheek numbing, hop bomb of an iipa like some out there. It's got actual balance. Sure the hops are stong enough to blast your palate and drown out any milder beers for the rest of the night, but this ain't Ruination. It's balanced.

A rush of pine, candi sugar, a bit of molasses, and finishes simi sweet with a crushing spice at the end that lingers forever!

Coats the air with honey seared grapefruits and flowery resined hops. I pushed my nose close to the glass to inhale the orchestra of melting spruce and fresh pine needles. Hints of lemon soaked tangerines. Smells like they corked a pine tree and drained out all of the sap while blowing it full of toffee smoke. Citrus, berries, and perfection.

For those who care to read even more beer reviews the site is beeradvocate.com

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